Smart Card Installation Manual

Download Signature Verification Utility

Download Offline File Signing Utility

Download JRE 7.2 for Windows

User manual for New Form Signer

Download e-Lock Client Set-Up

Forms and Documentation

Password Users

1. SPEED-e Application Form
2. Consent Letter of the Pre-notified Clearing Member
3. Power of Attorney
4. Password Reset Form
5. Suspension/Reactivation/Revocation for SPEED-e facility
6. Addition of Pre-Notified Accounts Form
7. NSDL Logo.
8. Registration for e-DIS in the existing Pre-Notified Accounts Form

Smart Card Users - Individuals

1. SPEED-e Application Form
2. Attach Additional Account to Smart Card Form
3. Power of Attorney
4. Suspension/Reactivation/Revocation for SPEED-e facility
5. Digital Signature Certificate Reissue Form
6. File Formats For Batch Upload Of Instructions
7. NSDL Logo.
8.Inter Depository Delivery batch upload file format for Individual / Corporate.
9.Modification to Number of Authorisations / Rights to Authorisations Form

Smart Card Users - Corporates/Clearing Members

1. SPEED-e Application Form
2. New Smart Card Request / Attach Additional Account Form
3. Suspension/Reactivation/Revocation for SPEED-e Facility Form
4. File format for Batch Upload of Instructions for Clearing Members.
5. NSDL Logo.
6. SPICE file format for Clearing Member
7. SPICE/ POA Client List and Auto Pay-in Instruction Status Download
8. FAST SPICE File format for Clearing Member
9. File format for FAST User POA Registration by Clearing Member
10. Response/Error codes for SPICE/FAST
11. Director Details form & e-Token User Details Form

Application Form For IDEAS

1. Application Form For DP's
2. Application Form For CM's
3. Application Form For Clients
4. Renewal Form for IDeAS DP Users

Terms & Conditions For IDEAS

1. Terms & Conditions For DP's
2. Terms & Conditions For CM's
3. Terms & Conditions For Clients

Functional User Form for STeADY

1. Functional User Form for STeADY Users
2. File format for Brokers
3. File format for Funds Managers
4. File format for Custodians

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