[Securities Trading Information easy Access and DeliverY]

STeADY is a facility which enables the brokers to deliver/submit contract notes to custodians/ fund managers electronically by transmitting digitally signed trade information with encryption. It further enables fund managers to enrich the contract note and convert it into instructions for the custodian. STeADY facility enables broker to upload contract notes for cash and equity Derivatives (F & O) Segments.

STeADY enables brokers to submit contract notes containing trade information to custodians and fund managers through the website Custodians will be able to download these contract notes in ISO 15022 message format (MT 515) for further processing in their back offices. Custodians, after carrying out necessary matching, can periodically upload Contract note Status Changes (CSC) to STeADY. Brokers will be able to view these status changes and download to their back offices. In respect of domestic trades, STeADY enables brokers to submit contract notes alongwith trade details to the fund managers, who, in turn, can carry out necessary matching process and periodically upload status changes. Fund Managers can also submit instructions to custodians for settlement purposes. Once instructions are uploaded by fund managers, custodians can download the instructions / contract notes in ISO 15022 message format (MT 54X / MT 515) respectively for further processing.

STeADY can be used for FII Trades and Domestic Institutional Trades.

For further information, Please contact at or below officials:

Contact Person Direct No. Email
Mr. Siddharth Ghosh (022) 2499 4760
Mr. Vipin Warke (022) 2499 4239
Ms. Richi Savla (022) 2499 4544
Mr. Narayan Venkat (022) 2499 4479